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Oysters Australia have an interest in building the capacity and knowledge of those with an interest in oyster research, industry development and extension. 

To encourage the sharing of research, as well as drive discussion about new technology and
innovation, Oysters Australia aims to host an open oyster RD&E technical forum every 3 months. Ordinarily this forum will be convened online via video-conferencing, however this initiative will be kicked-off with an in-person forum on the 17th May 2022 in Batemans Bay (NSW), just prior to the NSW Oyster Conference. 

These forums will provide an opportunity for IPA funded researchers to provide updates and
socialise outcomes, and for projects funded outside of the IPA, to be shared and discussed. These
forums may be focused on a theme, a geographic region, or the work of a particular university.
They may also be used as an information gathering exercise, to gauge the thoughts of the oyster
RD&E community.

Notice of upcoming forums will be provided via the Oysters Australia mailing list.

Please subscribe using the button below. 

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