Australian oyster farmers invest in the future of their industry. Effective from July 2014, the Australian Oyster industry collectively entered into an Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) with Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC). This continues the industry's collective decision making about how it invests. Oysters Australia's member states invest via a strategic plan with goals and investment across the following programs:

  • ​Program 1 - Production & Innovation

  • Program 2 - Risk Management

  • Program 3 - People & Knowledge 

  • Program 4 - Post Harvest & Market Development 

  • Program 5 - Industry Profile & Regulation 

Extension & Adoption activities are fundamental requirements of all projects. Find out more about the Oysters Australia Strategic Plan 2020-2025 here

For more information on R&D findings, visit our past projects page. Alternatively, you can also find them through the Australian Seafood CRC and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's list of R&D projects for oysters