Australian oyster farmers invest in the future of their industry. Effective from July 2014, the Australian Oyster industry collectively entered into an Industry Partnership Agreement with Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. This continues the industry's collective decision making about how it invests. Oysters Australia's member states invest via a strategic plan with goals and investment across the following area:

To sustainably increase industry GVP to $146M through increased production and profit while building 'people power' capacity:

  1. Production – Sustainably increase production profitably through better techniques & technology

  2. Better Oyster – Develop a resilient and marketable oyster

  3. Demand - To increase oyster consumption and market satisfaction through the supply of consistently high quality oysters

  4. Capacity - Build capacity, leadership and confidence in the industry through the work that Oysters Australia does for growers and with its partners

For more information on R & D findings, visit our past projects page. Alternatively, you can also find them through the Australian Seafood CRCand the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's list of R & D projects for oysters