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Australian oyster farmers invest in the future of their industry. Effective from July 2014, the Australian Oyster industry collectively entered into an Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) with Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC). This continues the industry's collective decision making about how it invests. Oysters Australia's member states invest via a strategic plan with goals and investment across the following programs:

  • ​Program 1 - Production & Innovation

  • Program 2 - Risk Management

  • Program 3 - People & Knowledge 

  • Program 4 - Post Harvest & Market Development 

  • Program 5 - Industry Profile & Regulation 

Extension & Adoption activities are fundamental requirements of all projects. Find out more about the Oysters Australia Strategic Plan 2020-2025 here

For more information on R&D findings, visit our past projects page. Alternatively, you can also find them through the Australian Seafood CRC and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's list of R&D projects for oysters


Oysters Australia convene an open RD&E technical forum every quarter. This online event provides an opportunity for oyster researchers and innovators to share research outcomes and new developments. This serves to build the capacity and knowledge of those with an interest in oyster research, industry development and extension. Read more amount the Oysters Australia RD&E Technical Forum here and make sure you sign up to receive notifications of upcoming events. 

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