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The primary purpose of an Oysters Australia Strategic Plan is to coordinate oyster industry research, development, and extension (RD&E) across Australia to ensure that usable outputs are provided to oyster businesses. The plan outlines a set of RD&E programs and a list of priority projects for which research proposals will be called.

Non-research activities conducted by Oyster Australia, as the national representative body, are also outlined in the document. These activities include policy preparation, market development, communication, and advocacy.

The plan forms an integral part of the Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) between Oysters Australia and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC). Oysters Australia will work closely with FRDC to manage the portfolio of projects.

strategic plan.JPG

You can download the Oysters Australia Strategic Plan 2020-2025 by clicking here.

The plan outlines five programs, each of which have desired outcomes and key performance indicators.

Program 1: Production & Innovation

Program 2: Risk Management

Program 3: People & Knowledge 

Program 4: Post Harvest & Market Development

Program 5: Industry Profile & Reputation

Extension and adoption activities are required as an integral part of establishing any project. 

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