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Taking a hammer to Pacific oysters on the NSW far south coast

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Source: ABC Rural

Oyster farmers on the far south coast of New South Wales are taking to Pacific Oyster populations with small hammers, trying to ‘kill off’ the pest before they spawn.

The commercial farmers who operate on Pambula Lake, producing the indigenous Sydney Rock oyster are vehemently opposed to the introduced species.

A number of other estuaries only produce Sydney Rock oysters while in several others Pacifics are being grown commercially.

On Pambula Lake, on a specified day, growers head to spots designated by fellow grower and Environmental Officer Sue McIntyre.

“The Pacific oyster has the potential to overtake and catch quite prolifically on our catch structures where we are trying to attach baby Sydney Rock oysters to.” explained Ms McIntyre.

Read the full article at: ABC Rural

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