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New York Oyster Week

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

It’s Oyster Week! In true New York fashion, it is a two week long affair—September 11 through the 28th, 2014! How grand! Let’s celebrate the oyster! Much like restaurant week, there will be featured Oyster Week themed menus at restaurants for enthusiasts to enjoy and novices to explore.

Much aligned with this theme—and if you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram feed, spoiler alert, you’ll already know this—I recently went on a week long tour of four Cape Cod oyster farms with my oyster aficionado girl friend Julie Qiu of the blog In A Half Shell. Learning from the farmers, eating dozens of their oysters straight from their hands from their waters and discovering what makes them unique, I really formed an understanding of what I like when it comes to that famously delicious little shellfish known as the “oyster”.

Read more at Coffee and Champagne which also features a series of stunning photos

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