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Presentation / Webinar: Covid-19 impact & tactical response. Draft territories. 

May 2020

Traditionally, 70% of Australian oysters are sold through the domestic hospitality market. With Covid-19 restrictions impacting many venues, coupled with the recovery of Tasmania & South Australia following POMS, Oysters Australia have engaged strategy experts, Brand Council to provide some advice on market development.

This webinar, presented by Trudi Cassin — Managing Partner of Brand Council, presents a number of potential Covid-19 activities / territories that oyster farmers may consider during these uncertain times. There was also an opportunity for farmers to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

The video of the webinar is no longer available, however you can download Trudi's presentation here.

Webinar: Selling seafood through social

15th Sept. 2020

Ben Hale from Adpower, presents the first of the "Sundown Sessions", an initiative from the FRDC and the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association. This is a walk-through to help you start selling online using Shopify and promote your business through Facebook campaigns. It's a mix of beginner and advanced techniques to link online commerce and social marketing.

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